Aims, Values and Principles

The school’s GOLDEN AIMS are for all children to be:

  • Successful Learners- to make progress and achieve
  • Confident Individuals- to lead happy, successful lives
  • Responsible Citizens- to be a valued member of the school and community

The GOLDEN PRINCIPLES show the children how they can achieve the Golden Aims:

I am Responsible:

  • I work at an appropriate noise level
  • I look after the school property and the community
  • My behaviour is the same for all adults
  • I help the teacher to focus on learning

I am Resilient:

  • I keep trying in hard situations
  • I try to keep calm even when I feel angry
  • I try my best even in my weaker subjects
  • I work well with any member of the school community

I show Respect:

  • I actively listen when the teacher is speaking
  • I value everybody equally
  • I try to understand peoples’ differences
  • I am positive towards other people

I Learn Well:

  • I think independently
  • I try to be creative
  • I reflect on my successes and disappointments
  • I can work with others
  • I can organise my time, ideas and resources
  • I participate fully
  • I have personal targets


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