Speech and Language Centre

Bradshaw Hall Speech & Language Centre is a specialist provision offering time limited places (1-2 years) for primary aged children with severe speech and language difficulties. These may be with expressive language, receptive language or severe speech sound difficulties.
The centre offers flexible, small group teaching by experienced and qualified staff. Teaching sessions focus on listening and attending, they often involve play and social interaction and are tailored to encourage the development of each pupil’s language skills. The teaching programme follows the national curriculum, including literacy and numeracy and is well differentiated to meet individual pupil needs. Children join with their mainstream peers for some lessons each week and receive daily speech therapy sessions.

Progress is carefully monitored with a gradual increase in mainstream class-based teaching, with support as necessary, as the children near the end of their placement. This ensures they are well prepared for a return to their own school.

The Speech & Language Centre does not provide therapy or support for children in the mainstream of the school – the sole focus is on meeting the needs of the children who have been referred to the centre.

The documents below outline the content of the curriculum in the Speech and Language Centre. The curriculum is organised into two cycles; the 2020-2021 school year is cycle 1.

Sp&LC KS1 Core Subjects Cycle 1

Sp&LC KS2 Core Subjects Cycle 1

SEN Information Report for the Speech & Language Centre

For more detailed information, read the SEN Information Report for the Speech & Language Centre If you would like more information or to visit the centre please contact centre manager and school SENCO Louise McGlone on 282 7858 ext 3.

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