At Bradshaw Hall Primary School we ensure that the needs of all children are met. First and foremost, this is achieved through a vibrant, dynamic school curriculum. We also make active use of assessment to make sure that each child receives the challenge and support that is needed to help them to make progress. 

Many of our children achieve well beyond age-related expected standards of attainment. Extension pathways are provided for these children, to allow them to extend and apply their learning in a range of exciting, real-world contexts. We ensure all of our children are stretched and extended on a daily basis.

We also have a rigorous provision for children with special educational needs. Our provision for these children is outlined in detail here: Bradshaw Hall Primary School SEN Information Report below. We want all children to achieve and excel irrespective of their background or their barriers to learning, and we wish to engender an inclusive school culture. The SEND Policy below, further outlines the school’s approach to catering for the needs of all children.

The Stockport Local Offer provides advice, information and services to children and young people with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) and their families.

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