Staying Safe


As part of our responsibility to the school community of children, parents, grandparents and carers whilst your children are in our daily care and as part of our philosophy of safeguarding and child safety, we aim to nurture our children to respect and understand the need and appreciate the importance of remaining safe online when using the variety of electronic and internet-based forms of communication available today, such as the internet, XBox-gaming, Snapchat and other popular social media networks.

Alongside the work that we do in school to ensure that children remain safe whilst gaining the maximum learning from digital platforms, we strongly recommend that parents and carers spend a little time familiarising themselves with some excellent advise about online safety from This website provides advice and activities for parents/carers and children to work together. In addition, we recommend you also look at for further information.

Parents & Carers E-Safety Forum

At Bradshaw Hall Primary School we believe in working in partnership with our children and parents across all aspects of children’s education and learning, none more so that in the Digital World. Therefore we are proud to launch our Parents & Carers E-Safety Forum where we will have a regular opportunity to meet, shape and further develop the school community’s online safety packages, review the school’s acceptable use agreements, provide information and support to parents and children, thus ensuring we adequately prepare our children to remain safe whilst growing up in an ever changing digital world.

Thanks to the 40+ parents who attended the initial meetings and to those who agreed to support the schools new Parents & Carers E-Safety Forum. We are really encouraged by your response. Keep a look out for regular information via the usual mediums and the schools new APP – search “Bradshaw Hall Primary” and download the app that displays the schools logo.


CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection team (CEOP) is an ever increasingly important part of this work.  In assemblies we highlight CEOP. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre is the organisation to report any suspected online criminal behaviour in order to safeguard children and families. Use this link to visit the page or report abuse 

CEOP Home Safety Activities. Please find an array of information useful to parents at the following link:

Has someone done something online that has made you or a child or young person you know, feel worried or unsafe?

Make a report to one of CEOP’s experienced Child Protection Advisors

To support children’s understanding on how help keep themselves safe in this difficult area of learning , in a variety of contexts, we use a range of special resources developed for year 5 and 6 children for example through the work of the charity Barnardo's.

The charity has worked alongside the police and victims of child sexual exploitation to develop appropriate resources for children of primary age for the following areas.

  • Developing healthy relationships

  • Grooming

  • Keeping safe

  • Being online

We recommend that parents look at the videos and resources at the following websites.

Below are a series of hyper-links to a number of websites which provide information, advice and guidance for parents and carers about staying safe online in our every changing digital world. For popular sites such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube go to Please also take a look at for more information.

What to do if you have any concerns:

Should you have any concerns about the wellbeing of children or any matter regarding safeguarding you can contact one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL).

Mrs McGlone is our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Child Protection Officer (CPO), she can be contacted via email: louise.mcglone@ or the school telephone number (0161 282 7858).

In addition, both  Mr C Bagnall and Mr Gleaves are also trained DSL’s and can be contacted on the above telephone number or via email:

Also, should any parent wish to make a referral or seek advice from social services, please contact one of the following numbers:

Social Care

Social Care (217 6028) – you may need to speak to the First Response Team.

The Senior Advisor for Safeguarding in Education (474 5657)

The Safeguarding Unit (474 5657).

British Values

In our school we celebrate that we live in a free and tolerant society in the UK and champion British values as a means of co-existing with all cultures. As such we aspire to promoting the BRITISH VALUES of:

  • Democracy

  • The Rule of Law

  • Individual Liberty

  • Mutual Respect

  • Tolerance of Those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Safeguarding sites for children

The following websites are helpful for parents to share with children in order to understand how to keep safe in a range of contexts.



Childnet is an award winning practical internet safety programme website for schools, young people, parents, and agencies, produced by the children’s internet charity Childnet International. 


The BBC have set up this great site to help you to stay safe online. There are videos, games and interactive activities to try!

Child Protection:


Additional Resources:

LIVE STREAMING information:

All resources will include key information on reporting to CEOP and where to seek further advice and support. To gain access to these materials, please visit to download.

Parenting Online

A Guide to Video Games, Parental Controls and Online Safety

Resources for Young Children

Information for Parents and Carers


Keeping Children Safe Online 

Tik Tok/Snapchat/Facebook/Minecraft - Several 'Blogs' about these platforms


Parent Controls

NSPCC - 'I saw your willy' video

Videos for parents & children Jesse & Friends

Twitter Support,from%20replying%20to%20your%20Tweets.  

Parent Zone