Please take a moment to read our latest Ofsted report. We are very proud that the inspector saw evidence that the school could be better than good if it had gone through a Section 5 report. 

Some example quotes from the incredible report:
  • Pupils develop into extremely inquisitive learners at Bradshaw Hall.

  • Children feel safe and happy. They enjoy the extensive range of opportunities to learn in an environment that welcomes everybody.

  • Staff have very high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and academic achievements.

  • Staff provide pupils with a wealth of experiences to deepen their learning in all subjects.

  • Pupils, including children in the early years, are highly considerate and respectful of each other’s differences and needs. Pupils view staff as trusted adults.

  • Pupils develop self-esteem and confidence. This is because leaders help pupils to look after their mental health and well-being exceptionally well. There is a wide and varied extra-curricular offer for pupils to access.

  • Leaders are rightly proud of the experiences that pupils have to take part in musical performances. Pupils enjoy the wide range of clubs, residential trips and opportunities to be part of the school council.

  • Leaders have designed a challenging curriculum that meets the needs of different pupils. They make strong connections in their learning between different subjects. Teachers have strong subject knowledge.

  • A love of reading is woven throughout the school.

  • Pupils achieve highly. provide excellent opportunities for children and pupils to develop their knowledge and skills. There are many opportunities for pupils to practise what they already know before they learn new things. Children and pupils enjoy the challenges they face.The curriculum to support pupils’ personal development is highly effective. Pupils are clear that the knowledge and skills they learn are crucial to ensuring happiness and success. Pupils recognise that their confidence and resilience develop while at school. Leaders’ work to develop pupils’ understanding of equalities and diversity is exemplary.

You can download a copy of the report below or click to visit Ofsted's website to view all previous reports.