Our Day

Our School Day 

Year Group Start of day Afternoon
EYFS 9am  3:15pm
ALL Year group's  9am  3:15pm
7SW class 8:30am 2:50pm


Attendance and Registration 

Children's attendance at school is a legal requirement placed on parents and carers. It is also moral responsibility for adults to ensure that children access and receive the best possible opportunities to experience teaching and learning in a suitable safe environment which is properly resourced and financed. 

The school has high standards and expects that children will have A MINIMUM ATTENDANCE of 97% throughout each academic year. You can find out all the relevant policy and procedures about attendance below: 

Absence Policy 

Morning Session

Registers are marked at 9.00am using an electronic system.

If a child arrives between 9.00am and 9:20am it will be recorded as a 'late' entry
If a child arrives after 9.20am, it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Afternoon Session

Registers are marked at:

Year Group Time
EYFS 12:50PM
KS1 1:00PM
KS2 1:25PM


Notes for absences, holiday request letters etc., should be sent to the office. The Headteacher will respond accordingly to the request. Office staff will contact parents on the first day of absence where no note has been provided for reasons of absence. Letters are sent to all parents of children with absence below 90%.