The Powerful Curriculum

Wider Curriculum

We are committed to ensuring that our children become Responsible Citizens, Resilient Individuals and Successful Learners. Acquiring powerful knowledge, skills and attitudes is at the heart of our curriculum intent. Our curriculum is congruent with our School Aims and Superpowers: resilient, problem solving learners, curious about the World around them with a passion for life-long learning.

Teaching & Learning Policy 

Our Curriculum in Action

At Bradshaw Hall, curriculum subjects are taught separately so that they develop a true appreciation of the subject. Key vocabulary is taught at age and themed at appropriate times.

Knowledge and skills progression maps are provided for each subject area- this is our ‘road map': showing the destination of what will be taught. Subject concepts are used as drivers to help children know more and remember more. Subject disciplinary skills are taught explicitly.

Inter-connectivity between subjects are made to enhance learning further. 

To see what your child is learning about this year and how it all links together, click on the overview below.


Below details our wider curriculum.  You can view overviews, skills and knowledge progression maps and presentations explaining how each area of the curriculum is covered at Bradshaw Hall.